Phi Phi Islands – Gorgeous but Crowded

When I got the chance to book for a holiday trip in Krabi, I made Phi Phi Islands the first entry in the list of places I need to go to. Aside from the fact that it became famous because of the movie, “The Beach”, people would say that being there is just gorgeously relaxing.

So… Here we go with expectations versus reality. 😊

phiphi-islands_expectation vs reality
(Maya Beach photos are not mine, screengrabbed)

After the island tour, for me, gorgeous is correct. But, relaxing might depend on what time are you visiting the islands. They, actually, become too crowded with boats and tourists. Nonetheless, it is still a must-not-miss place to visit while you are in Krabi or Phuket.

The weather wasn’t cooperative when I went to Krabi. It rained heavily the night before our island tour schedule and continued ’till early morning of the next day. It was gloomy, but the activity still went off with a disclaimer, “Join at your own risk!” The heck!! 😆

I was also hoping to run on the sands of Maya Bay, but unfortunately, it has been closed. It’s ok though. We got 3 more islands left to explore.

  • Bamboo Island
  • Phi Phi Leh
  • Phi Phi Don
  • Maya Beach (closed)

Fortunately, the sun went to show up a bit when we arrived in Phi Phi Leh. There was a little sunny vibrant feel in my pictures. 😊👓🕶

The Viking Cave is an additional site in Phi Phi Leh. However, since this is a private property, tourists can’t go nearer. Well, our tour guide just told us that there are Viking paintings in the walls of this cave, hence, the name was derived.


The full-day tour includes a lunch buffet meal and is usually served in Phi Phi Don. Expect that by noontime, this beach will be filled up by speedboats doing the tour.



Bamboo Island. I like the environment here as it is quite relaxed. Maybe because only a few people were on the island when we arrived. Normal tours would drop by here first before the next islands, but ours made this the last leg in the itinerary.