[Youtube] Seoul’s Liquor (Soju) Tasting Tour

Just want to share this video content about the liquor tasting tour package I booked when I visited South Korea last year – the version version of my previous blog about Samhaesoju-ga Brewery.

Actually, I got inspired by Erwan Heussaff’s video blog about his soju experience, so when I went to Seoul, I added this in the bucket list of my things-to-do there. I did not have the chance to find anyone who could join me explore Itaewon or Myeondong though, thus, I took this Liquor Tasting Tour instead. Different from the informal drinking session, this one is somewhat a classroom type. Nonetheless, it was still fun and very informative, of course.

We had a shot of one of the products of Samhaesoju-ga Brewery that has the highest ABV of 71.2%

A more detailed article of the various liquor we drank can be found here.

Video is also available in IGTV

Getting Productive: New Video Blog Intro

Purea Magazine Header_Jepois AdventureWow! It’s been a while, like a more than a year since I posted something relevant and current.

How’s everyone coping up with the current situation? This pandemic has significantly disrupted everything, right? 😑

On a positive note, let us take this “staying home” a chance to reflect on ourselves and still be productive. For me, I got the luxury of time to be able to transfer all my articles from the old blog (www.laaganadventures.com). I finally completed it.

I was able to fix few plugins on this site too. Woohoo! 😎 Apparently, Google Adsense won’t approve my account using the new email address. Sigh! I am writing to them to plead. I changed my country address 2 years ago and I wasn’t able to get my account verified until now. 😑

Speaking of “keeping ourselves productive”, I also got more time to do some online training and started with my favorite desktop applications in Adobe Creative Cloud. I am proud to share this 15-sec introduction clip which took me 7 hrs to finish. Lol! Still, this is fulfilling because at least there is no need for me to grab youtube intro videos anymore because I already had my own.


Anyway, I also hope you all are keeping safe, healthy, and still productive. When this is over, let us travel the world and experience more adventures again! Soon!

Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe

Although this was the wrap-up trip of our 11-day Japan adventure, I can say, our itinerary was still loaded. From visiting historical landmarks to food tasting, our remaining 3 days in Japan was never boring.

From Fujikawaguchiko, we jumped off and rode the train going to Osaka. We missed the Shinkansen twice when we were in Yokohama so we arrived late in the afternoon at our hostel. We just settled for a bit and went off again to Dotonbori to shop for souvenirs and, of course, for a food trip. We spent our first night in Osaka bumming around Dotonbori.



The next morning, we went off early for Kyoto as we wanted to maximize our day in 2 cities. We planned to spend the whole morning and afternoon exploring Japan’s former capital city and experience nightlife at Kobe.

It, really, is a good idea to visit popular tourists’ spots at the earliest possible time since they aren’t that crowded yet. From Arashiyama Bamboo forest to Kinkakuji to Fushimi Inari; squeezing in these 3 Kyoto destinations in a day was all good for us to take as many selfies as we could. Lol! But yeah, Kyoto has a lot to show and one day is really not enough. We will probably be back!

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest


Kinkakuji Temple


Eating everything “Matcha”

Fushimi Inari Taisha (Shinto Shrine)


There are hundreds of Torii Gates in Fushimi Inari Taisha that you won’t even give a damn effort to count. And the sunset?… It rained for almost the whole day but, fortunately, the sun showed up when it was just about to set. It was just magical.

We went off towards Kobe around 5pm. Anyway, since the sun rises early in Japan, it also sets early so it was already dark when we arrived at Kobe although the time was only around 6pm. So… what else would we do in Kobe?… Of course, to eat one of the specialties that the city is boasting of- the Kobe beef. There are a lot of restaurants in Kobe Harbourland which offers Wagyu beef steak but in some blogs I read, there are other places in Kobe where the prices for this sought-after “meal” are much lower. We were not able to go and find those restaurants though. We were a bit exhausted exploring Kyoto and all we just wanted is to find a place to sit, eat and relax.

Mouth-watery Kobe Beef

Kobe Harbor Front

Mosaic Big Ferris Wheel, Kobe Harborland

The next morning, since our departure time going back to Singapore is at 6pm, we went to take a quick visit to Osaka Castle. The surrounding park was wide so we just spent 3 hours roaming around and killing our time before heading back to Kansai Airport.

Osaka Castle


It was only my second time to visit Japan and I’m really looking forward to more adventures in this amazing country. Our 11-day trip was really not enough. I have only been to the major cities and hopefully when I’ll be given the chance to go back I can visit more of the outskirts. As I heard those places pull you closer to the rich culture of Japan. Sugu Modorimasu! Doumo Arigatou Gozaimasu!


Layover at Fuji Kawaguchiko

This quiet town of Fujikawaguchiko gets busy with the influx of tourists – foreigners, and locals alike – all year round.
But still, unlike other attractions around here (Mt. Fuji Ropeway and Fuji-Q Highlands) where queues are long, the town also has tourist spots closer to nature, where you can enjoy and relax without getting stressed due to queuing up. If you are fond of walking around to stroll then you will definitely love it there.
There was a bit of a scary moment when we were exploring our AirBnB house because it was huge and the design is inspired by the olden Japanese style (with a tatami flooring). But don’t worry, it’s a great deal. It’s clean, quiet, and complete with appliances. Ideal for groups of 8 and more.
#Fuji #Kawaguchiko #Japan

Majestic View of Mt. Fuji from Saiko Iyashino-Sato Nenba

Bali Trip 2019 (Tropical CNY Escapade)

Just before the Chinese New Year, we’ve been thinking about where can we spend our days off (holidays). It should be somewhere culturally/traditionally rich, Instagrammable as well as “blog-worthy” and easy-access for our Philippine Passports. Where else? BALI topped our list… As a last-minute decision, we grabbed our backpacks, put in all our gadgets, comfy clothes, and headed to a Tropical CNY Escapade!

Below is a compilation of this quick but fun trip to Bali:


Photos will be posted SOON. 😊

Meet “Sparkie”, the Drone


I know, I am late with the trend but, better late than never. So after months of contemplating whether this would be useful for me or not, I decided to buy a recreational drone – an addition to my ever loyal mobile phone in capturing the best moments (in a bird’s-eye-view) of my adventures.

I named her “Sparkie” by the way- the DJI Spark Snow-cap White drone.

Here’s her maiden flight (Pardon my panning. I’m still working on how to control and achieve the best movie-like shot. Lol!)


Laagan’s WANDER-ful Weekend (National Freedom Climb 2011- Mt. Matutum)

this videoblog has “Lupang Hinirang” music background at the end- the mountaineers’ tribute to the Philippine Independence Day (June 12)… over 100 summits worldwide were conquered by Pinoy Mountaineers… an attempt to set a Guiness World Record of the most number of people in simultaneous multiple ascent.

Aside from that, over a hundred thousand trees were planted as these activity aims to promote green environment…

I am proud to be counted as one, also having succeeded in climbing a newly established trail at Mt. Matutum. The body aches I felt did not stop me in compiling some photos and videos to an MV. I’m just excited to show my most memorable, WANDER-ful weeked…

DMC Outreach Program at New Paradise

Last weekend (February 26, 2011), we did an exploration of three of the caves in Landan, Polomolok. But aside from spelunking, there was a more significant activity that DMC have had for the people of Sitio New Paradise. Some club members, together with other mountaineering enthusiasts in the region, extended their arms for at most 20 families who have been living the simplest way of rural life. The families were awarded with the collected clothings from different groups and individuals, as well as, were given brand new slippers.

Indeed, it was a heartfelt event organized by Dolefil Mountaineering Club. A big big thanks to the kindest donors who didn’t think twice of spending an amount for the people in New Paradise, credits to those who  bought  the new slippers for them.

Being part of this activity, I saw from the people’s eyes how grateful and thankful they are; given  the “simpleng pagtagad”.