Team Brackets Conquered the Gulugod Baboy (Mt. Pinagbanderahan)

Why Team Brackets? Read along for you to find out… (“,)

As what some of our friends say, “Many responded, but a few committed.” This was the reason why I didn’t really felt the excitement the night before our trek to Mt. Pinagbanderahan (Gulugod Baboy). It was planned a month before the said date thinking that many will be able to prepare and join us. Yes! There were fifteen people on the go…. But our number went down as the day of the trek was approaching. Two days before it, I received a confirmation that only 4 of us would be going. Well, at least, I got enough sleep since I was not really thinking about the activity. Aside from worrying that our number would be a “boring crowd”, I was also concerned about what are we going to face on our way. I mean, I planned this adventure with just the internet as my reference. Nobody from the group climbed the mountain before, we didn’t get a tour guide and my companion might be disappointed with the outcome the plan consider our count as well… I just pretended to be excited when we met at McDonald’s in LRT-Gil Puyat at  around 4AM.

And so the start of our adventure… We rode a JAC Liner Bus bound for Batangas Port, which departed at around 5AM. I couldn’t take a travel nap since I should be alert of the places we passed by. It will be a hassle if we drop off at the wrong point. After 2 hours, we arrived at Batangas City Public Terminal. We then looked for the jeepney which would bring us to Anilao Port. Luckily, Batangueños around the place were so accommodating, passengers and drivers alike. They helped us find a good bargain to bring us directly to Philpan Beach (where the jump off to Gulugod Baboy is).

A not so good event on our way to Philpan Beach:
The driver of the jeepney we rode in seemed to be suffering from LBM (as what the long forgotten TV AD tells its viewers). He maintains a speed not typical for a narrow busy highway. His brakes isn’t smooth either. Unfortunately, the vehicle bump into an approaching tricycle… You might wonder what happened next, huh? Well, what I thought on that moment was the incident taking our most precious time. So, “evil-ish” as it may seemed, I didn’t mind seeing the trike’s passenger with her bleeding shin. On a good note, there are still people around who helped her.. After shouting for help.. Hmmff!.. *pathetic bystanders. I immediately got our refunded fare from the collector and looked for another jeepney to bring us to our destination.

We arrived at Philpan Beach Resort at around 9AM already. The day was scorching hot. On the contrary, my mood already changed from anxious to excited after seeing beach views and cliffs along the way. I even got more excited when we were already treading up. The view’s getting nicer, so as the horizon of  the West Philippine Sea growing wider. We’re slowly getting a bird’s eye view of Anilao, Batangas.

So what’s with Team Brackets?… go ahead, you’re halfway there… (“,)

… Since we didn’t hire a guide we got lost on our way up, twice. But, as what locals say, all trails in Gulugod Baboy will lead you to the peak. We reached the campsite of Mt. Pinagbanderahan after 2 hours of trekking.

Being at the campsite was simply amazing. The graduation of colors from green to blue makes you feel cool despite of an open canopy (just a little shade to protect you against the heat of the sun). The sea breeze likewise makes you spread your arms wide open… and let it just kiss you for quite awhile. That time, climbers who came ahead of us were already on their way down. Only the four of us would be spending two hours at the peak… so the place was “exclusively” ours. ‬

We decided to eat our lunch before reaching the topmost part of the mountain. When we were eating, I remembered one Korean movie with a setting almost similar to the peak of Mt. Pinagbanderahan… The stroke of the wind on the grass was like a scene taken from “My Sassy Girl”. I then looked for a tree singly standing on the slope. I found many trees but not as similar as that of the movie. I could have burried a time capsule if there is that single tree on the grass-field… Maybe I was late and it was already struck by a lightning… (“,) (you who have seen the movie knew what I’m talking about, do you?)



Then, it’s time for us to apply additional sunscreen lotion before heading on to the top. (A friendly advise: If you don’t wanna get dark, do not climb Gulugod Baboy during the day, unless it’s raining and the sun is shy to show himself. Or do a night trek instead. Sun protections are helpful… to make the effect of the heat “subtle”. Hehe…(“,) In short, just expect a tan to dark complexion after the day trek.



So, you now have a little hint about Team Braces?… Better finish reading the article… (“,)



We were like children running and jumping off on top of Mt. Pinagbanderahan. Can’t help but appreciate another beauty of God’s creation. To express this appreciation, we did a lot of jump shots. Here are a few of them (“,)










After feeling tired, we decided to descend from the peak. We wanted to take a little more time at the beach so we took a faster pace during our descent. But of course, since we need some replenishment we dropped by the halu-halo station. Aha! There are about three houses along the way offering ice cold drinks, halu-halo and fresh coconut juice.







A plunge after the tiring trek.
Since we still have time to enjoy the beach, we rented a cottage at Philpan Resort. Swimming after a climb is really a relief. Anilao waters is also cold despite the, still, hot summer afternoon. We got off of Philpan Beach at around 5PM already. I admit, I was wrong when I thought 4 is a “boring crowd”. I got used of trekking in a group of 10 or more. But at this time, I should say, this is the happiest group climb ever. (“,)





Maybe some of you could have found out why we came up with Team Brackets, huh? Well, for those who are just curious and did not read the whole article, just take a look at our photos… What do we have in common?
Ikaw? Sino’ng Napasaya mo Today? (“,)

5:00-7:00 Pasay (JAC Liner)- Batangas City Public Terminal -[120.00]
7:00-8:30 Batangas City Public Terminal (jeep)- Philpan Beach Resort [125.00]
8:00-9:00 Registration @ Philpan Beach [20.00]
9:00-11:00 Trek to Summit (Pinagbanderahan Peak)
11:00-13:00 (Explore the Peak, 360 view of Batangas)
13:00-15:00 Descent to Philpan Beach Resort
15:00-17:00 Beach Exploration (Philpan Entrance-60.00 Cottage 300.00/4heads)
17:00-18:30 Back to Batangas City Public  Terminal (100.00)
19:00-22:00 Grand Terminal to Manila [100.00]

My expenses, others:
Buko- 25.00
1.5L Coke- 60.00
Phone Charging- 20.00

Food – 250.00


Mt. Pico de Loro- Laagan Adventures’ First Luzon Mountain

Because I was excited for my first encounter in the mountains of Luzon, I only had a little time to sleep the night before our Mt. Pico de Loro trek. It was 1A.M. when I woke up to prepare my stuff and our meeting time was 5AM. Wasn’t that an enthusiastic first timer? Well, of course, I needed to prepare all my trekking gears that time (my bag, my bottled water and food, and my cellphone). Hmmm… Quite a lot of stuff to prepare.
I never saw the sceneries on our way to Ternate, Cavite because that was my only chance to gain some strengths for the climb. Actually, all of us (except the driver) were asleep the whole time we traveled. I woke up realizing we’re already in, what was called, Magnetic Hill in Cavite. The name of the hill didn’t catch my interest. Maybe because, it was covered up with my excitement of conquering the Parrot’s Beak… As people were saying, the hill was claimed to be a magnetic area. And to experience this, you just have to put your vehicle’s engine in neutral mode, and then let the hill pull you up. Mysterious huh?.. But as per my “brother” Kuya Kim, it’s optical illusion (“,)
Anyway, we arrived at the DENR office in Ternate, Cavite at around 7AM. In here, you have to pay Php20.00 as registration fee, aside from the maintenance fee (Php20.00) which you also have to pay at Basecamp 1 5minutes away from DENR jumpoff point. (a sum of Php40.00 for the registration).
Some of us were first time climbers, thus, our pacing was slow. Fortunately, the trail was dry making it easier for us to maintain our tread. We had a lot of stopovers, but we’re able to reach the campsite after three hours. We were greeted by climbers who reached the site ahead of us, likewise, a family who maintains a food-store. Yes, you don’t need to worry of running out of food because there’s a “sari-sari” store at the campsite.



There is a part of the campsite, the viewdeck, which enables you to have a wide view of Cavite, the West Philippine Sea all the way to the historic Island of Corregidor. From this point, you’ll also have a perfect front view of the “Parrot’s Beak”. The wind was blowing so hard but it didn’t stop us in doing lots of photo ops at the viewdeck.





After consuming our morning snacks, we decided to climb up to the summit. For some of us, that was the most difficult part of our day trek. The trail is steep and narrow. You can hardly hold on for a branch/bush to help you pull yourself up. Some of us even made use of their “four-wheel drive” (crawling mode).


And at last we reached the summit. It was indeed a fulfillment… For me, because this was my first mountain trek in Luzon and for some of us because this was their first mountain climb.



A much better panoramic view, overlooking Cavite and Batangas, can be experienced at the summit. From there, you can see the monolith or, as called by locals, the Toreng Bato which seems to encourage you to conquer your fear of heights. And yes, four of us were “seduced” by the Toreng Bato. I just found myself trailing forth its wall. (Important Points: The trail going to the wall is a lot narrower and bushy- cliff on both sides. Climbing the monolith should be done with caution and, as much as possible, rock-climbing skills. It is not recommended for beginners.)



Being on top of monolith is like being on top of the world. The experience is, somehow, priceless! This Pico de Loro climb is another moment in my life which I could be proud of.
After spending almost half an hour at the Toreng Bato, we decided to go back to the campsite for lunch. We spent another hour to rest and feel the wind “kissing our cheeks”, before we preparing for our descent. Our pace when we descended was faster and we had the chance to divert our way going to one of the waterfalls near Basecamp 1. Since it was a dry season, the view was a bit disappointing. The drop was lesser and the water is shallow. Well, at least, we were able to visit that part of Mt. Pico de Loro.


We arrived to the DENR office at around 5PM already. The crickets were beginning to get noisier since it was already getting dark. The day was tiring but it was full of fun memories which will never be forgotten. Still, Laagan Adventures do not end here. There are a lot more adventures to conquer… more fulfillments to experience… to be continued….  (“,)

For Your Information (from
Ternate, Cavite
Major jump-off: Magnetic Hill, Ternate
LLA: 14° 12.855 N; 120° 38.785 E; 664 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 2-5 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3


Van Rental (Manila to Cavite to Manila) – Php 500.00/head (group of 10)
Registration Fee – Php 40.00/head
Food/Snacks – approx. Php 250.00


Laagan Adventures will conquer Pico de Loro (Soon)

Soon on Laagan Adventures…

Excited to conquer Luzon mountains and will start with Mt. Pico de Loro in Ternate, Cavite.
It’s been a long time since our last climb… And my climbing gears already smell like “cockroach poop”… Ewww! (clean-up mode)…. (“,)

photo grabbed at:

Baras Bird Sanctuary in Sultan Kudarat

Panoramic View (Click to Enlarge)

Like how many times would I be invited to go to this part of Sultan Kudarat? Countless times?.. I always give them a promise…. But, breaks it… Not until that day, I finally had the chance to visit Tacurong City.




We went there to do some business, but, our host didn’t let us fly back home without stopping over in one of their most visited attractions…. The BARAS BIRD SANCTUARY Going there was quite a bumpy ride but the sight of vast Palm Tree Plantations and green to golden rice fields would make you not mind “butt-aches”.

We went there late in the afternoon (almost twilight) already so majority of the birds are going back on their nests to rest. We could hear the chirping and singing of the resident birds which seemed to be a harmonious twilight concert. It was really amazing and will make you sing along with them by creating your own whistles.

This male Great Egret is showing his girl how “Macho” and goodlooking he is. This is the egret’s way of finding a partner during the mating season… “Nagpapa-pogi”

The sanctuary covered almost 2 hectares of land and is lying along a river bank. A path was established by the city government for tourists to follow on. According to the wildlife rangers, there are more than 10,000 birds nesting around the whole sanctuary. The most common among them are egrets and herons which hunt their food from 3 large lakes in North and South Cotabato as well as in the coastal areas of Sultan Kudarat.

Not a Bird, huh… Just one of the blooming flowers being cultured in the gardens of the sanctuary…

If you haven’t been in a bird sanctuary, I would really recommend you to visit this part of Tacurong City, especially, those who are just living within the neighboring towns/cities. By the way, make sure to bring extra clothes. The birds up the trees don’t choose whom are they gonna give their “gifts” to. If you’re lucky enough you might end up having them more than once- on your shoulders. (“,)

Going to Baras Bird Sanctuary is no hassle. If you take a private vehicle, Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat is just about a 2-hour road trip from General Santos City Airport (via Koronadal Route). You can then ask directions from the locals going to Sitio Baras. There are also billboards to show you on how near are you from the sanctuary already. If you plan to commute, you can ride a bus with the Tacurong City Route. When you arrive the city bus terminal, you can then ask for a Habal-habal ride going to Baras. Uhmmm… I’m not sure of the fare, but, I assure you it won’t take much of your allowance. It’s a Cheap but Satisfactory Adventure, for sure!


Laagan Adventures Reborn… (HK Birthday Week)



It’s been “centuries” since I updated this page… Honestly, I became bored and tired of writing articles for my adventures. One factor which had contributed to this boredom and tiredness was that I became so busy with my shifting schedule at work. Weehooh! After spending days of enjoyment on a vacation, I needed to report back to work immediately and must even use the weekends to cope up with my “back lags”… Whew!!! Thus, having no time to start even the draft. But enough of this stressful shifting schedules. Finally, I’m free from it. (Haha!!!)… I just quit my job… but not because I wanted to focus on blogging and going to places, huh… That would be a crazy, pathetic reason…
I’m thankful because my previous job has helped me grow and become technically expert… I became an “Adventurista” because of it…Likewise, I met my adventure buddies because of it… But as what people say, in our career, we need new challenges and opportunities to become better. And we can sometimes find it in a new environment… I was just fortunate to have found one. Nah… I won’t give more details regarding that… I want to go directly to what this article is all about… the re-birth of Laagan Adventures… to begin with, I will share with you a teaser of my birthday adventure this year.
Yes… It is already my pledge to celebrate my birthday week in a place away from home, may that be within the Philippines or outside the country. And for this year, I was lucky to have celebrated it in Hongkong. As usual, it was budget travel; being able to spend the only Php15,000 (excluding airfare and hostel accommodation- we booked it 5 months earlier)… I’m still finishing the article on How did I spend the Php15,000 during our stay in Hongkong, though. I would say this was my Happiest Birthday ever… Well, every year is…










Where could you find a giant tuna drinking pineapple juice? Where could you find a submarine in the beds of sea treasures and marine gardens, as if a portion of the ocean disembarked? Where could you find a Coconut Island in a tuna? How about a giant tuna cake?… Unbelievable?…  If you can’t answer these questions, well it’s just that, you’ve missed Gensan’s most awaited event–> the Sparkling Tuna Float Parade.


The celebration of this year’s Tuna Festival was a grandiose one as proven by the parade of giant floats intricately designed to glow in the main streets of General Santos City. In addition, the train went more lively with the dancers in costumes representing their own float.
The participation of the companies, establishments and institutions in Gensan only tells everyone that although they compete with each other, they are united in one goal. That is to make the city grow and progress economically as tagged, Tuna Capital of the Philippines.



Amihan sa Dahican (Tease Pics)

Dahican Beach Panoramic View (click to enlarge)
Sunrise Waves
Everyone’s been crazy hating the rainy season. But aside from those who are bored and tired of going to school or work, there are some adventure-seekers who would love the rainy season especially if it brings the monsoon winds. I’m talking about the wave riders- surfers and skim boarders alike. The mightier the wind blows, the stronger the wave goes. Thus, the more challenged and excited they are. 
Landscape View of the Coconut Beach
‘Tis the season that surfers and skim boarders flock on the shores of this 17km stretch Dahican Beach in Mati, Davao Oriental, waiting for big waves to take their stunts. Yes, you don’t need to go farther. The waves in Dahican can somehow be compared to that of Siargao or La Union, although, the latter places are considered to be the surfers’ haven, internationally referred. Dahican is more of a skimboarders’ nerve centre. 

And if you’re just looking for some activities such as beach sports
(frisbee, volleyball, football), the beach is open wide for you and
your buddies to enjoy.

Britania Group of Islands

Woohoo! It’s been a while since my last update… 48 years?!!! But anyway, I’m back! I am back… in featuring more of Surigao del Sur… such a wondrous place… (“,)
The Laagan Adventures Jump
Of course you’ve heard about the Hundred Islands of Pangasinan, right?- A few of the 7,107 islands making up the Archipelago of the Philippines (High Tide or Low Tide). I’ll be talking about islands, but as what I’ve said above, I am featuring one of Surigao’s pride in terms of tourism- the Britania Group of Islands.
“Britania Islands are accessible through boat rentals available all day round.
The first island (Boslon Island) is about 10 minutes away from this port developed
by the Municipality of San Agustin”


San Agustin in Surigao del Sur is gaining reputation about these 25 unspoiled islands which are refreshingly beautiful. Not to mention the untouched coral reefs nesting on the beds of the Philippine Sea and gracing the vivid colors of marine life. The municipality is recently developing affordable tour packages for tourists and adventurers alike. I was not able to hop into all of these islands, but let me show you why this part of Mindanao should be included in the list of Philippines’ Most Liked Tourists Destination… (“,)
Boslon Island
Minasingin Island
Hagonoy Island
Hiyor Hiyoran Island
Isla Verde
Isla Verde
Litik Island
Panlangagan Forest Island
Taguan and Hiyor Hiyoran Island
San Agustin is a municipality in Surigao del Sur reachable either by land, sea or air. Land travel will take about 6 hours from Davao City. No matter how long the ride is, the fact that these islands will offer you the chance to escape from the busiest and stressful urban life, Britania Group of Islands is definitely a recommended travel getaway in Mindanao.


SENTOSA ISLAND (Asia’s Favorite Playground)- Day 2

When you talk about Singapore, Sentosa has always been with the name. Located about 15minutes (Sing$2.10 MRT fare from Boon Keng to HarbourFront and Sing$3.00 Sentosa Express fare) away from Singapore City center, this reclaimed island is the home of the inimitable combination of exciting themed attractions. As people say, in Sentosa you’ll experience fun in all different ways such as entertainment, extreme sports adventure, educational tours, shopping, nature tripping, etc.
I was not able to visit all themed attractions in Sentosa since one day is not enough to do it. But let me tell you something about the places I got to stop by and experience the fun that Singaporeans have been telling the world.
By the way, the food at Sentosa is a bit costly but you can still find stores that offer budget meals like the pantry shop at The Forum. My lunch only cost Sing$5.20. We had our dinner back to a Hawker center at the top level of VivoCity. In there, I spent Sing$7.20.


Universal Studios Singapore
Resorts World Sentosa


Experience movie magic at Singapore’s newest theme park, with a myriad of rides and attractions that bring the joys of the silver screen to life.

Immerse yourselves in the world of dinosaurs at The Lost World and even meet the talking donkey of Far Far Away.

Here you get to take the concept of storytelling to a whole new dimension. Don’t miss the Lake Hollywood Spectacular show which occurs after sunset, and witness fireworks and musical performances that are bound to take your breath away.
One Day Weekday Pass:               Sing$66.00
One-Day Weekend Pass:              Sing$72.00
Sentosa Luge and Skyride
Imbiah Lookout
Speed demons will love this part toboggan, part go-cart adventure, which takes drivers on a fun-filled race down a 650-meter-long paved track. The adrenaline rush is so addictive that you’ll want another go as soon as you’ve finished. And to do just that, continue your thrills as you hop on to the open-air chairlift of the Skyride and enjoy breathtaking views of the South China Sea as you travel back to the top of the hill.
Luge and Skyride:         Sing$12.00
Skyride:                           Sing$8.00
Sentosa Songs of the Sea
Siloso Beach


Get ready to fall under the spell of Singapore’s award-winning nightly extravaganza set in the sea. Songs of the Sea brings you a mesmerizing show with a live cast and dramatic effects like pyrotechnics, water jets, brilliant lasers, special computer imaging, stunning flame bursts, and captivating music.
Ticket price:        Sing$10.00 per person
                           Sing$15.00 per person (premium seats)
Sentosa Merlion Park


Have a larger-than-life encounter with Singapore’s national icon- standing at 37 meters tall, The Merlion lets you dive right into the myths and legends of the deep!
Admission: Adult Sing$8.00/ Child Sing$5.00
iFly Singapore
Siloso Beach Walk



photo from
Experience one of life’s greatest thrills in a controlled environment. Offering a safer and cheaper alternative to skydiving and located conveniently on Sentosa, iFly Singapore is a skydiving simulator that works by placing visitors into a vertical wind tunnel that recreates a freefall. iFly has packages all ages and experience levels, which means taking the plunge has never been easier.
Admission:          Sing$70.00/try
The second day was an adventure at the climax and I got exhausted with all the stopovers we had at Sentosa. I was able to spend Sing$175.6 just for the admission fees and meals. Nonetheless, it was our best day in Singapore.


Singapore Shopping Centers (Day 1)

Night 1
2000HRS- Check-in at NAIA 3
                Don’t forget to prepare Php 1625.00 (Sing$ 46.43) for the airport tax. I really don’t know how our airport terminal management computed for this amount, but based on the essential info I got, Singapore charges only Sing$ 21.00 per passenger. Anyway, aside from the airport tax, you also have to prepare Php 750.00 (Sing$ 21.43) as the airport user’s charge (a.k.a. terminal fee).
0040HRS- Arrival at Singapore Budget Terminal
                MRT stations and Buses operate until 12 midnight and since we arrived in Singapore beyond 12:00AM, we rented a taxi going to The Hive Backpackers’ Hostel. That charged us Sing$ 24.60 from Changi to Serangoon Road. By the way, have your cash changed into Singaporean Dollars at the Budget Terminal. Their buying rate is 5% cheaper than that of NAIA’s, thus, you’ll have 5% more Sing$ cash.
0100HRS- Check-in at The Hive Backpackers’ Hostel


                We rented for a dormitory type room, so as expected, we have roommates aside from the 4 of us. The dorm rate is Sing$20.00 per head per night, inclusive of one breakfast meal per day.


Day 1
0900HRS- Breakfast/ Prepare for shopping/tour at Orchard Road
1000HRS- Ride a train going to Orchard Central Station
                The best way to go to any part of the city is to ride an MRT train, and likewise, always bring with you your map because it is of big help. Boon Keng Station is the nearest MRT station to The Hive. The ticket going to Orchard Road costs Sing$2.10. Be careful though, during the stopover at Dhoby Ghaut you need to change coaster. Three routes are connecting in the said station so, for first-timers, you have to be careful in reading the signs on where to go to avoid forfeiture of tickets. Once you swipe your ticket in the wrong gate, it will be void and you have to purchase for another one. Dhoby Ghaut station is big and as described by my friends, it’s a-MAZE-ing.. (“,)
1000HRS- 1400HRS – An exploration to Orchard Road (the shopping district)




                I won’t tell you how much I spent shopping during our tour around the district (“,). Just prepare enough for your shopping needs. Anyway, we went inside Dempsey, an idyllic wining and dining enclave, to have our lunch. This is a hawker hotspot and I was able to spend Sing$5.80 for a delicious Thai cuisine.
1400HRS- 1600HRS – An exploration to Raffles Boulevard (Techno shopping district)  


When we went to Singapore, it’s just in time that the country was celebrating the month-long Great Sale. Every store offers discounts to as low as 70% off the original price. But since, we are not after shopping let me just push forward to what is in Raffles other than the malls, the Fountain of Wealth- the World’s Largest Fountain.

1700HRS- 2000HRS – An exploration at the Marina Bay




The famous Marina Bay nestles the world-renowned architectures in Singapore such as Fullerton’s Merlion, the Sky Flyer, the Esplanade-theaters on the Bay, the Marina Bay Sands and the ArtScience Museum and the Helix Bridge. At night, you’ll get to witness a free laser show operated by Marina Bay Sands Hotel.
2100HRS- 2130HRS – Go back Home to Barracks (the Hive)
                Because we’re a bit tired, we rode a taxi back to our place which cost us Sing$6.20. But before relaxing from a first long day tour, we looked for another Hawker’s Hotspot and found Chomp Chomp Food Center. In here, I spent Sing$6.10 for dinner. We then went back to our hostel and rest ourselves in preparation for the next day. 
…So that was our first night and day in Singapore and I was able to spend a total of Sing$101.60. I won’t disclose my shopping expenses, though… Ching! Ching! 


All about Singapore (a Budget Travel Tip)


As promised I will give you the itinerary of our 4-nights, 3-days stay in Singapore. But first, let me tell you some tips with regards to purchasing your airfare tickets, choosing the place to stay, where to have your meals and how to get around the city.

Airfare:  I’m the type of person who grabs the opportunity of having to pay less in the transportation fee, especially talking about airfare. Fortunately, people as I am can have the luxury of internet browsing because there are a lot of budget fares airlines do offer nowadays. Just be patient enough to wait and check for these promos frequently. It pays when you’re online. Our Cebu Pacific plane ticket going to and fro Singapore via NAIA 3 airport was only worth Php 2,900.00 (Sing$ 88.00).

Hotel: It is essential that you have to have a reservation of your accommodation prior to your arrival date in any place, especially for an out of the country trip. And in Singapore, hostels are the cheapest but comfortable places to stay in. One of which is The Hive Backpackers’ Hostel in 624 Serangoon Road. Their dorm rate is as low as Sing$20.00 per head per night. What’s best about The Hive is that they’re straight with their aim to make guests feel at home away from home. “Feel at home. Consider everyone your peer.” Two carpeted lounge areas with cable TV’s, sets of computers and a billiard pool are always ready for those who want to relax after a long day of touring around Singapore. They offer free breakfast, but guests should prepare it themselves. The whole building is also wi-fi ready.
To contact The Hive Backpackers’ Hostel:
Phone/ Fax:       +65-6 341 5041
Snail Mail:            624 Serangoon Road
                            Singapore 218223
Meal: There’s a huge number of dining choices in Singapore, from fancy restaurants and fine dining to “down-to-earth” hawker centres. As expressed, Singapore is a nation of foodies, so the wealth of dining experiences offered should come as no surprise. And since I am talking about a budget trip, I recommend the Hawker Hotspots. For a taste of the dishes Singaporeans enjoy on a daily basis, you must visit a hawker centre. Delicious street foods are offered in these places which serve up just one or a few dishes hawkers perfected over many years. Prices here range from Sing$3.00 up to Sing$ 8.00 per serve. Just a friendly tourist advice from Laagan Adventures, do not convert your expenses when it comes to buying your meals, unless you want to get hungry the whole trip. Just give a budget of Sing$20.00 for your meals per day.


Getting Around the City: There’s even no problem when it comes to the transportation around the city. For you to be able to go to Singapore’s most visited tourists’ destinations, public buses, the MRT and taxis are much available. You can also apply for tickets in various tour agencies if you want to have an established itinerary. But for adventure budget seekers, a map will be a perfect tour guide already.

Public buses can bring you to practically every corner of the island and this is a cheap way to get around. The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is more comfortable, clean and runs punctually from 6am until midnight. Fares start from Sing$1.00 and tickets can be purchased at all MRT stations. If you think you have to ride the train or bus every time you go from one spot to another, a tourist’s ticket is recommended which only cost Sing$ 8.00 per day with a ride-all-you-can access. This ticket can be purchased in selected stations like Orchard and Dhoby Ghaut.

So here’s our itinerary, with the corresponding expenses I spent.

Day 3 (post Under Construction)